Hester Street is developing an Implementation Strategy for the Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) in Cypress Hills and East New York, Brooklyn. The BOA is approximately 461 acres of brownfield studied and planned for development. HST has partnered with Cypress Hills Local Development Center (CHLDC) and BJH Advisors to ensure an Implementation Strategy to maintain and enhance affordable housing, support manufacturing business development and target investment for critical community resources on strategic sites.

Over 6 months we will update a 2013 Manufacturing Opportunity Analysis conducted in the neighborhood to account for changing market conditions and small business needs, and to develop a customized manufacturing strategy for Cypress Hills based on guiding principles. Through a campaign and networking strategy we will reconnect with neighborhood manufacturers to understand their needs and priorities, as well as link existing and potential new industrial businesses to short and long-term supports. We will identify two potential development sites and conduct planning, design and feasibility analyses to create predevelopment scenarios that are actionable and implementable for CHLDC.

The final Implementation Strategy will provide site- and neighborhood-specific guidance on zoning modifications and redevelopment strategies to maintain and enhance affordable housing, manufacturing and community resources within the Cypress Hills.