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Hester Street welcomes Jerrod Delaine and Stephanie Sosa-Kalter to our Board

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On Thursday, March 23, two new members were elected by Hester Street’s Board of Directors to serve on our Board. Jerrod Delaine, Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Real Estate Development, and Stephanie Sosa-Kalter, Deputy Director for Residential Retrofits for Energy Equity at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), will contribute their expertise […]

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Brownsville Youth Leadership Council: Community Safety Action Plan

Project     2022–2022

The Brownsville Youth Leadership Council was convened in 2020 by the Brownsville Community Justice Center to address the root causes of violence in their community, support youth leadership, and develop creative solutions to heal community trauma. Hester Street partnered with these youth leaders to develop a community safety action plan. We developed curricula to educate […]

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Futures NYC

Project     2021–Present

Hester Street collaborated with Make the Road New York and VOCAL-NY to launch Futures NYC, an initiative anchored in policy and driven by creativity, using art and design to imagine futures that become possible when the City puts policies in place that guarantee care, compassion, dignity, and power for all New Yorkers. Through Futures NYC, […]

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NYC Council Land-Use Training

Project     2021–2021

Hester Street partnered with Local Progress and the Advocacy Institute to design a training tailored to the needs of newly elected NYC Council Members around land use and zoning. The training included historic and contemporary applications of land use, showcased the effects of policy on New Yorkers, and illustrated processes and programs relevant to Council […]

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