For the 2020 Census, Hester Street joined hundreds of community groups, advocates, service providers, representatives from labor and major civic institutions, and city agencies to mobilize to get New Yorkers counted in the Census. NYC’s Complete Count Campaign is the nation’s largest and most diverse coordinated municipal campaign to achieve a complete and accurate count in the Census.

The Complete Count Campaign represents a historic and unprecedented partnership between a mayoral administration, the City Council, CUNY, and 157 community-based organizations across all five boroughs, as well as the city’s three library systems, labor unions, and civic and private institutions of many types.

Built on the understanding that local community-based organizations — which serve New Yorkers in the communities where they live and in the languages that they speak — are the most trusted messengers of important and sensitive information, the Complete Count efforts are designed to resource and train organizations to build awareness about the Census, convey its importance, and mobilize a full count within the City’s hard-to-reach populations and communities.

For its part, Hester Street has been working closely with Complete Count partners – particularly the United Way of NY, NY Immigrant Coalition, the NYC Census 2020 office and Robin Hood – to plan, strategize and develop innovative tools combined with tailored technical assistance and stakeholder engagement to support Complete Count efforts citywide.

These efforts include ongoing technical assistance to the NYC Census 2020 office and Complete Count CBOs to advance outreach efforts across the city. A timeline of some of our milestones include: