The design firm Objective Subject worked with Hester Street (HST) to help unify and clarify their brand and communications strategy, to better articulate the organization’s goals and skills. The Objective Subject team leapt at the opportunity to help a social justice organization focus its communications, reach new audiences and ex­pand its impact across the U.S.


Objective Subject undertook a journey to discover what makes Hester Street unique, its challenges and its approach. Identifying communications gaps and opportunities, Objective Subject recommended a set of strategic actions, including:

  • building skills to clearly describe HST’s work;
  • a flexible and meaningful identity system; and
  • a set of tailored messages.

Objective Subject designers iteratively developed a new identity system and an accessible, streamlined website, and strategists crafted and tested a multi-level messaging platform.



The organization was renamed to simply Hester Street, removing the word, “Collaborative”, which is inherent in their work. The new brand identity was completed with a strapline – “Where the people shape their city” – to express the importance of place and a clear sense of community control of the built environment. A short descriptor adds detail for written communications and an elevator pitch provides all staff and supporters with a go-to explanation to use with partners and residents.

Hester Street’s communication materials now have a fresh new look and feel. For the new logo, Objective Subject took inspiration from the visual language of the street: the structure and layout of materials are drawn from the vertical lines of the urban landscape, a true testament to Hester Street’s roots in equitable urban development and design. A warm and vibrant color palette is paired with a clean and clear black-and-white base, and a bold and modern typeface, GT America. The photography style demonstrates Hester Street’s focus: the people living and working in the city.

The new website is structured to reflect Hester Street’s work and provide a rolling record of events and projects, which also streamlines documentation efforts. The Hester Street team and their skills are prominent, helping readers understand the organization’s personality and approach, its vision and its expertise.