With support from the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation (MOER), Hester Street is collaborating with We Stay/Nos Quedamos (NQ) to take a place-based, community-driven approach to identify strategic development sites in support of the newly-formed South Bronx Land and Community Resource Trust (SBL&CRT) in the Melrose area of the South Bronx. This Community Brownfield Planning study provides a unique opportunity to advance the Melrose community’s vision for long-term affordability, community ownership and resident-powered development in the face of rising displacement.

The planning study will examine new and planned developments in the South Bronx as well potential opportunities for sustainable growth through a variety of community-informed lenses, including the CLT approach. The goal is to advance permanent affordability and self-determination by creating a planning framework for the SBL&CRT as well as strategic proposals for both residential and mixed-use development opportunities that will ensure that residents can remain and thrive. HST will lead research into current CLT models; develop a study of vacant land areas; map strategic sites for acquisition and development; produce neighborhood analyses and design concepts; and engage stakeholders and community members throughout the process.

This study follows Community Brownfield Planning studies Hester Street also completed in Edgemere and Flushing, Queens in 2018.