Hester Street worked with the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) in 2019 to plan and manage the organization’s office renovations in Midtown Manhattan. NYIC is an umbrella policy and advocacy organization that represents over 200 immigrant and refugee rights groups throughout New York, including grassroots and nonprofit community organizations, religious and academic institutions, labor unions, as well as legal and socioeconomic justice groups. For nearly three decades, NYIC has served as a powerful voice of immigrant rights, advocacy and support, and their Midtown offices are essential for its central location and accessibility to many of their constituent groups.

Our team provided NYIC with pre-development and project management support as they sought to consolidate their offices across two floors, procure and manage an architect and General Contractor, and oversee the construction and project administration of site renovations. This new office space would allow the organization to streamline their team and operations that were previously spread across three non-adjacent spaces on multiple floors in the building. As NYIC looks to secure and acquire a long-term space over the next few years, these renovations will allow them to lower operating costs and use a more efficient, effective workspace that ultimately strengthens their programming and the services they offer to immigrant groups statewide.