Hester Street has been designing and producing a series of easy-to-use and graphic how-to guides that break down the complex requirements and processes for a variety of survival resources. These popular education tools are designed for vulnerable communities who face barriers to applying for and securing critical government support during COVID-19.

Working together with Asian Americans for Equality and NY State Assemblymember Harvey Epstein, the first resource guide focused on highlighting processes for securing unemployment benefits for working-class and low-income New Yorkers. The guide was produced in English, Spanish and Chinese and breaks down the complex and complicated unemployment process to help those who are out-of-work and in need of assistance. Similarly, the second guide highlights the process for applying for and securing housing assistance and rent relief and was produced in English, Spanish and Chinese. Upcoming guides include a small business support guide, with a focus on immigrant, Black and Brown entrepreneurs.

Download the unemployment guide here. 

Download the housing assistance guide here. 

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