On Wednesday, November 16, from 1:30-2:30 PM EST, join us for the first in a series of panel conversations that will bring together Hester Street staff and partners, and experts in the field to discuss a variety of issues facing the fields of community-based design and planning.

Moderated by Hester Street’s Rasmia Kirmani, with panelists Monxo Lopez, South Bronx Unite; Antonio Reynoso, Brooklyn Borough President; Missy Risser-Lovings, Community & Economic Development Clinic, CUNY School of Law; and Rob Solano, Churches United For Fair Housing, we’ll discuss community control as a tool for fighting gentrification and displacement.

Community-based organizations (CBOs) form the backbone of support and resilience for communities of color grappling with the impacts of systemic racism, disinvestment, and a frayed social safety net. Particularly during moments of crisis and uncertainty, CBO’s serve on the front-lines and provide critical services to the most vulnerable people. Presented through a generous sponsorship by BRC, we look forward to a timely and engaging conversation on strategies to support these vital anchor institutions to remain in the neighborhoods they call home – investing in neighborhood stabilization and resistance to gentrification and displacement. Get your tickets today!