Over the past year, Hester Street has worked hard to live up to this historic moment, redoubling our efforts to radically re-imagine the systems that shape our lives and create the roadmap to a more just future. Our work is predicated on our vision for a vibrant and resilient world driven by the vision and values of the manyOur deep experience working alongside Black and Brown communities to build equitable neighborhoods has shown us not only that this world is possible, but that it’s already happening all around us.

This is our moment to re-think everything from housing and the economy to what makes and keeps us safe; to develop courageous new ways of tackling persistent inequity; to embrace our collective humanity. It will take all of us to dream, design and hammer out a better world. In 2021, we look forward to applying what we know and what we’ve learned to new and exciting realms ripe for radical re-imagination – from mental health policy and public housing, to climate justice and public safety, to what cities look like when they are shaped by the people.

Take a look at this video we created* to spotlight a few of the transformative ideas we’ve been working on with our remarkable community and government partners to realize a collective vision for justice and advance an inclusive economy, re-imagine public safety and democratize data.

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*Animation by Sam Branch Design