Hester Street is providing technical assistance for community and resident engagement in developing a plan for the resilient and green development of Red Hook Gardens. Red Hook Gardens is a 62-unit affordable housing development that was inundated during Superstorm Sandy and that is currently underutilizing available floor area ratio (FAR). HST is working with the Carroll Gardens Association, Red Hook Gardens tenants and other key stakeholders to develop a plan that will increase the total number of residential units, build healthy and resilient infrastructure and appropriately match unit and family size.

HST worked with CGA to convene a Red Hook Gardens steering committee to oversee the planning process. Together we engaged CGA staff and board, Red Hook Gardens tenants and other stakeholders to identify hopes and concerns about the project; identify community needs and priorities that could be addressed by the project; and build tenant support for a relocation plan that matches unit and family size as well as any temporary relocation necessitated by renovation. We will equip tenants with the information and tools necessary to ensure that renovations and redevelopment suit their needs, as well as to meaningfully engage in future community plans and development processes.