Hester Street (HST) is conducting an in-depth analyses of three sites identified for development in East Harlem as opportunities to advance the goals of the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan (EHNP). We will develop budgets and pro formas, conduct environmental assessments and secure appraisals for the development of Park Avenue corridor sites as well as New York City Housing Authority housing development sites.

We will work with Ascendant Neighborhood Development Corporation and the Northern Manhattan Collaborative to engage residents in defining goals and parameters for potential development, as well as survey and synthesize the goals and priorities of past planning efforts and of the EHNP subgroups. We will conduct site-specific zoning, architectural and feasibility analyses to ensure development plans that meet the resident-driven, transit-oriented, public health and other goals of the EHNP process and partners. The final plan will make policy and program proposals for equitable, community-driven development in East Harlem.