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what we do

HSC uses design as a tool for social change. HSC believes that youth and engaged residents are among a community’s greatest assets. A vibrant neighborhood where residents have a sense of positive ownership is created when all community members have voice in how their built environment is shaped. HSC works with local residents and youth to transform neglected public spaces into parks, schools, and affordable housing developments through a participatory design and advocacy process that capitalizes on local knowledge and resources, gives stakeholders a hands-on role, and encourages meaningful, long-term community stewardship.

HSC works to create more equitable and sustainable neighborhoods through Design, Planning, Development and Design Education.

Design, Planning & Development

HSC engages NYC residents in a transparent, participatory process that ensures the design of neighborhood public spaces reflects local wishes and needs. Our approach gives residents an active role in shaping their built environment and creates a lasting sense of ownership.

Design Education

HSC’s educational approach places students at the forefront of design initiatives.