Masoom is trained as an architect and has been working in the field of community engaged design and research since 2010. Prior to joining HSC, she has worked in low-income communities and the informal settlements/slums of Dharavi and Shivaji Nagar in Mumbai. She has researched locally developed affordable housing typologies and practices, facilitated participatory design for residential, commercial and religious structures, and initiated the building of networks of contractors, residents, shop owners, politicians, architects and planners. She has also been a part of a team that has worked on community based planning in Pondicherry and researched a best practices report for a project with the Ministry of Urban Development in India related to developing guidelines for alternative transportation schemes in Indian cities. She holds a Masters in Design and Urban Ecologies, with a thesis based on the role of women and children in the development of marginalized neighborhoods in Quito, Ecuador. She has previously dabbled in earth architecture and continues to be an artist, educator and activist.