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Design Education Services

HSC partners with public schools to bring design education curriculum to the classroom through our Ground Up program. HSC has a successful track record of bringing quality programming where students are introduced to design, architecture and land-use concepts through hands-on, site-based workshops. Ground Up engages elementary, middle and high school students in age-appropriate activities designed to teach students skills and strategies that allow them to participate in community art and design projects. Each Ground-Up workshop culminates in a project that transforms a public space in the local neighborhood or school campus. Please visit Design Education for examples of our program.

Community Design Services

HSC uses its architecture, design, planning and community visioning expertise to initiate site-specific projects designed in response to community led efforts to reclaim, bring awareness to, or improve neighborhood spaces. Empowering local communities with the tools and strategies to interface with local decision-makers on community design is our unique contribution to social change efforts in New York City. Our goal is to work with community partners to engage local residents in a more transparent design process, enabling underserved communities to take an active role in determining the shape of their built environment through an interactive visioning process. HSC implements neighborhood projects in accordance with sound architectural principles, and a unique set of strategies and protocols to guide community mobilization and visioning. HSC employs a rigorous project evaluation methodology to ensure that each of our community design projects achieve a pre-determined set of outcomes. Please visit Community Design for examples of our projects.

Contact Dylan House for more information on how to partner with HSC.